My Body is an Island

my body is an island 3Murray reveals the interaction between a dancer and the often coercive language of self-help philosophies.
She asks in which context would the desired feel-good factor of self-help be of use to a performer, and if carried to absurd lengths where might she end up?

Ultimately, these lines of enquiry yield some surprises about the extent to which language can dictate and interpret movement.
They also shed some light on our fixation with wellness and the extent to which we go to self-medicate with the platitudes of therapy culture.

Choreography/Performance/Text/Concept: Emma Murray
Music: Silas Bieri
Light: Daniel Müller
Assistence: Chiharu Mamiya

Photography: Oliver Neubert

Administration: Eliane Keller
Production: Marcel Leemann Physical Dance Theater

my body is an island 2