As a starting point for her solo performance, «naturalcauses», Emma Murray reflects on recent events in her home town of Christchurch and the major earthquake there in 2011, which left nearly 200 dead and billions of dollars worth of damage to buildings and infrastructure.

In light of the huge outpouring of community spirit she witnessed firsthand in the aftermath of the quake, Emma asks if it is possible that a person might welcome such a calamitous event, in order to feel human connections which they’re otherwise denied?

The performer begins to entertain fantasies of apocalyptic proportions in the hope of producing a «seismic shift» in the way she sees the world. By flirting with the thrill of her own mortality, she hopes to evoke that bizarre sensation of having been born again. Wishing for life itself, christened by the instant when human and natural history fatally collide, to be transformed.

naturalcauses3naturalcauses1Choreography/Concept/Performance: Emma Murray
Dramaturgie/Text: Oded Littmann
Music: Thomas Jeker
Stage: Jasmine Wiesli
Light: Demian Wohler
Administration: Eliane Keller
Production: Marcel Leemann Physical Dance Theater