Emma’s workshop draws on a long and varied background in dance, and most recently by her own efforts to make work.

In it, she opens up her own movement research and current interest in working with modes of perception. The workshop is also an opportunity for Emma to share her encounters with a wide variety of dance and performance practitioners, including the dramaturg and writer, Guy Cools, with whom she collaborated on her latest creation, the way you look tonight. Emma will draw on Guy Cool’s practice of making perceptive enquiry into movement, examining up close what triggers the creative process.



How do I start creating? From where do I source the images, questions or text that might become material for performance? How do I translate these into physical material? What are the processes, tools and ways of looking at the world that might help me make my experiences performative? Individual interests of the participants are explored through a variety of approaches to creating: intuitive, analytical and improvisational.

Throughout the course of the workshop we take part in tasks aimed at drawing attention to receptivity, perception and sensory experience, and come to use these as tools to discover new creative output. We discuss, read and watch the work of others, as well as make and improvise our own.

Anyone interested in investigating approaches to moving that engage with the senses, imagination, and their own experience are welcome to join.