This is the beginning

Let’s start at the beginning.
At the very beginning.
What does that look like, where is it and what do we do once we get there?

In this solo work Emma Murray is seen trying to make sense of the decisions which have led her to this moment.

An attempt to detail a history of events is undertaken, not only to understand how it is she has come to be here but also in an effort to predict the future.
By renegotiating the beginning might she re write the future?
Emma employs a list of ‘if onlys’ to re-imagine an alternate performance and proportion some quantity of the blame on others for the way things have turned out.


…’if only I hadn’t walked in’

…’if only you weren’t sitting there’

…’if only I hadn’t stood here’

…’if only you’d not chosen blue’

…’If only we’d waited’


Seen here, in this solo, a strange personal logic emerges that reveals a surprising sense of connectivity, especially when experienced through the moving body and appears driven by that human instinct to build narratives and give meaning to the trajectory of our lives.
She sets for herself the almost impossible task of remaining cognizant to the transient and infinite conditions that determine her actions and daily decision making.

Emma wants to to feel more alive. That is of course, if she doesn’t drown in the the detail first.

Concept, Choreography and Performance: Emma Murray
Stage and Light: Jasmin Wiesli
Œil extérieur: Johanna Hilari
Production: Eliane Keller und Verein Marcel Leemann